KEYT interviews Dana and Armand about sunfish parasites.


Skylar Hopkins leaves for a new Post Doc and Julia Buck takes a faculty position.  We have had a lot of fun and good science with each of them and look forward to continuing the many projects we have initiated.  best wishes to Skylar and Julia both!

Julia Buck, who has been doing a post doc here with our research group, finally decided among several faculty offers. She chose UNC Wilmington and will be starting in January. In the mean time, she will finish up teaching Invertebrate Zoology at UCSB

Former grad student Sara Weinstein and current postdoc Julia Buck publish a Science paper about the Landscape of Disgust.

Ana participated in "Zoo's line is it anyway?" at the Santa Barbara zoo in May. Here's an exerpt, which is rated PG13!

We are helping host the 2017 EEID meetings at UCSB.  This joint effort with Hillary Young and Cherie Briggs brings disease ecologists from around the world to meet about their most recent research results.  See 

A new issue of Philisophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, co-edited by Kevin Lafferty, has garnered press:

Cherie Briggs, Hillary Young and Kevin Lafferty are hosting the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases meeting at UCSB from 24-27 June.  This will be followed by a SNAPP working group on Ecological

We just received word that Johanna Fornberg will be our new graduate student this coming fall. Johanna comes with an Masters from the University of Michigan and has done some very interesting work on lizard blood parasites in the Greek Islands.

Please welcome Skylar Hopkins, recipient of the USGS GRIP research fellowship. Skylar is a PhD student in Lisa Belden's lab at Virginia Tech, where she focuses on snails.  She is a HUGE parasite ecology fan and plans to study horn snail behavior while

Marisa Morse graduated in biology from CSU Monterrey in 2013. She is a an avid SCUBA diver and has an impressive range of past research experience. Since 2014 she has been a field biologist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife where she

Weinstein and Kuris (2016). "Independent origins of parasitism in Animalia" is now available at Biology Letters and featured at 

(belated) Sara Weinstein and Ana Garcia-Vedrenne were awarded  Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowships for 2016-17 to finish up their theses in fine style.

Faculty 1000 is a collection of scienitists that hilight new articles in various disciplines. They must have liked Kevin's articles this year.

Featuring our very own Dr. Marisa Tellez and her research on crocodiles in Belize, "Zoos line is it anyway?" is back by popular demand! Wednesday April 27, 7pm, at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Sara has three minutes to convince judges that raccoon parasites are the most interesting research topic on campus.  Come cheer her on.  Friday, April 15, 3 to 4 p.m., in Corwin Pavilion. 

Willie Hemmingsen, Per Arneberg, and Honorary viking Ken McKenzie will be visiting for a few weeks, joining viking in residence Per-Arne Amundsen.  Skål!

Our Wormy Wildlife
with Sara Weinstein, UCSB
Monday, December 14, 2015
6:30-8:00 PM


Abstract: From mites on a mouse to worms in a raccoon, nearly every wild animal hosts a hidden community of parasites. These creatures

Lots to celebrate/commemorate.  Departures, Ian soon to the civilian world, Fabio soon home to Brazil.  Julia, Marisa, Jasmine, Clark, Per-Arne, and Tone, new undergrads, all arriving or returning since our last lab party.

some new and old

Armand was one of three scientists at an improv comedy show at the Santa Barbara Zoo. His parasite team beat out the snake team and the ant team for the best improve trophy!  We hope to get some video to show on the blog.

Joining the lab in fall 2015: Jasmine Childress, from Florida Southern College and Clark Marino from University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Ryan is now an associate professor at Scripps.  He remains engaged with ongoing collaborations at UCSB.

Lab group alumna Dr. Erin Mordecai is now on the faculty at Stanford University!