Too lazy to read about parasites, watch these videos instead!


Parasitic Castration of the California Horn Snail is a short animation about larval trematodes by Mona Luo, our former undergraduate and current scientific illustrator.

Ono Appetizer is a short film that might ruin or stimulate your appetite, featuring John McLaughlin and Kevin Lafferty at Palmyra Atoll.

A Parasite's Perspective is Kevin Lafferty's 12 minute TedX talk about manipulative parasites, with a focus on Toxoplasma gondii.



Parasite Manipulators is a short documentary that illustrates how trematode manipulate fish behavior in Carpinteria Salt Marsh, as told by Jenny Shaw and Kevin Lafferty

Project Crevette is a short documentary about our project to use river prawns to reduce schistomiasis in Senegal.


Full Seminars and Scientific Presentations

Will a Warmer World be a Sicker World is a lecture by Kevin Lafferty given at Yale University about climate change and infection disease.

Parasites and Food Webs is a lecture by Kevin Lafferty at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium