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Prospective Students

Interested in Ecological Parasitology at UCSB?
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  • From which UCSB departments are students sponsored?

    Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology and the Marine Science Graduate Program

  • What types of students do we seek?

    Ecologists willing to learn about infectious diseases; parasitologists willing to learn ecology. Individuals with independent personalities.

    Our basic philosophy about Ph.D students is that their thesis should undertake the largest and most significant project they think they can complete. Concerning study systems, any type of host or parasite is "fair game" for thesis research. The lab has no habitat or taxonomic limits.

  • What type of research are current students working on?

    Their research is usually empirically based and theoretically grounded, and often a mix of field and laboratory experimentation and observation.

  • What are former students doing now?

    View our emeriti and collaborators page

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    Please contact one or more of the principle investigators for further information.

Surfing skills are not a pre-requisite, but opportunities are just outside the window.

Required reading: Essentials of Surfing by Kevin Lafferty