Chelsea Wood

Faculty, University of Washington


Mailing Address: 

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2019 Kraus Natural Science Building 830 North University Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1048


Sokolow, Susanne H, Wood, Chelsea L, Jones, Isabel J, Swartz, Scott J, Lopez, Melina, Hsieh, Michael H, Lafferty, Kevin D, Kuris, Armand M, Rickards, Chloe, De Leo, Giulio A,. (2016). Global assessment of schistosomiasis control over the past century shows targeting the snail intermediate host works best. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 10, e0004794.
Wood, C.L., Lafferty, K.D., DeLeo, G., Young, H.S., Hudson, P.J., Kuris, A.M. . (2016). Does biodiversity protect humans against infectious disease? Reply. Ecology, 97, 542-545
Wood, C. L., & Lafferty, K. D.. (2014). How have fisheries affected parasite communities?. Parasitology, 142(01), 134-144.